The List: Best Actors Of Our Generation #2

2.) Denzel Washington



Since I’ve been making the lists, This was easily the hardest decision I have had to make.  The two actors left both had been so impactful on the entertainment industry , and both have such an extensive catalog it was a tossup.  That being said we are going with Denzel as the the number to best actor of our generation.  With so many diverse roles is indisputably one of the greatest actors of all time.  From roles such as the stern coach in Remember the Titans, to the dirty cop in Training Day, to the blind pious warrior in The Book Of Eli , Denzel always raises the bar.  The conviction he brings with each role completely engulf you in that character and you instantly forget any other movie you have ever seen him in. Denzel is truly one of the greatest of all time and easily could’ve been number on one this list.  Stay tuned to find out who edged him out for that spot.