The Last Of Us & Mass Effect 3 Trailers

The Video Game Awards were on Saturday and I was thinking about posting the winners, but I don’t think that’s really important. What is important are the new trailers they showed during the event. One was for Mass Effect 3 , maybe my most anticipated game of next year. The last one was an amazing space odyssey¬†that made me really care about the character I created and the ones that were on my ship. I’m really curious to see how things end. If you never played any of them try Mass Effect 2 its one of the best RPG/Shooter hybrids you’ll ever play.

The other trailer is for a new IP (Intellectual Property for those that are not hip to the lingo) titled The Last Of Us. This game is being developed by the talented guess over at Naught Dog who are riding high of the critically acclaimed Uncharted series. Uncharted 2 will be in all talks when discussing the greatest games of this generation. The entire gaming community is excited to see what they can do with these new characters and story.

The trailer itself is amazing. It does a good job giving you a feel of how the vibe of this game will be. I’m already interested in the world and characters we are informally introduced too.

-Kabir Shepard

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