TheKabirReport – Supa Dupa Flow (By: @TheKabirReport)

MC SizzleBoy's mic after a session

………………Finally the million dollar question answered

The one word punch line is a technique that has gain a lot of popularity recently. Aside from sounding pretty hot it also shows a rappers creativity, or lack thereof. Some Hip-Hop enthusiasts say it goes back to the roots of true emceeing, while other think it’s a cop out when lacking meaningful lyrics. Rappers like Big Sean use it perfectly, while Lil’ Wayne others come across as corny instead of clever (there is a very thin line between the two). A lot of debate has come up as to who originated this flow. From KRS-One to Lil’ B. Who started this ingenious rhyme technique?
After some serious investigations I found the man that started the flow, 41 year old MC SizzleBoy of Newark, New Jersey. I was able to conduct a short interview with this pioneer.

Kabir: Mr. SizzleBoy, how are you?
MCSb: I’m feeling great….sex!(MCSb makes a small “O” with two fingers & puts his middle finger in & out of it)
Kabir:….Um ok cool. Can you tell me about the actually day you created this legendary flow?
MCSb: It was December 25th….Christmas. I was looking for some wet….dishes..-(MCSb repeats finger gestures)
Kabir: Wait! You could actually just tell me what happened.. like a regular story… You know
MCSb: ok yeah cool…. ICE CUBES!
Kabir: Ok, forget that! How do you feel about Big Sean? Many people are saying HE originated your flow.
MCSb: Na he’s cool just one of those Young Bloods….SEAN PAUL!
Kabir:That didn’t even make sense Sizzle!
MCSb: Sean Paul is a member of the group Young Bloods. Their biggest hit was the song “Damn!” with Lil’ John….. You know what!? Tell Vibe magazine I don’t wanna do this interview anymore.
Kabir: This is for
MCSb: What the f*ck is that?…..ALIENS(MC Sizzleboy pulls out mic from under his sleeve & drops it as he walks away)
Kabir:Sizzleboy come back…..Patriots! Crap!
(This interview was conducted on October 32, 2006 All Rights Reserved to Vibe Magazine

R.I.P. Byngo

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