irrational fear

The Irrational Fear by @baudelaire

I don’t know what it is I fear about relationships

Scratch that, I think I do

I fear the idea of someone knowing me better than I know myself

For I barely feel as if I know myself

Imagine that!

A stranger coming to me, telling me about myself!

You see, I’ve lived with myself for 24 years and I, at times, disgust myself

So allow me to spare you the surprise, my beautiful future ex wife

For there is nothing here to see but an introverted extrovert who may at times allow his insecurities to get the best of him

A man who, driven off passion, may be misled from time to time

A man who would love to say he always means well but at times submits control to his own ego and we both know where that could take him

So I share all of the downsides so nothing seems new

But on the bright side, I’ll rhyme in my poetry if you think that shits cute

I mean, I’ll try to shower you with the praise, honor and respect that a queen deserves to see,

But believe me,

When I slip up

I’ll be harder on myself, than you could ever be

But besides all I said I think I could be quite charming at first

I’ll enjoy showing you off, learning about your life, and even the occasional flowers to your work

But remember still!

That I may be bad for your health

God forbid, this was all for naught,

And you soon regret that day you introduced yourself

So I ask you to imagine the world where I’m yours and you are mine

Perhaps we could venture through the cobb webbed corners of my mind


But maybe my greatest fear all along was

After you get past the rough exterior

You decide the interior isn’t much better

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