The Invincible G-Unit (By: @SholaBoyTellEm)


Since The Birth Of Hip-Hop There Has Been A Countless Number Of Rap Groups, From Run DMC, To NWA, All The Way To The Diplomats, And If There’s One Thing That History (And Jay-Z) Has Ever Taught Us It’s That All Good Things Must Come To An End. Rap Is No Exception To This Rule, However, There Was A Point In Time Where It Seemed That Time Would Never Come For G-Unit. The Talent Was There, The Success Was There, The Consistency Was There And They Showed No Sign Of Letting Up. They Were Literally On Top Of The World As Far As Rap Was Concerned And Not A Soul Could Stop Them. A Group In Its Prime That Consisted Of 50 Cent, His Hype Man Right Hand Man Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, And The Man Who Knocked Over The First Domino; The Game.

Banks Is A Sure Thing, Y’all N*ggas Might Blow, I’m Finna Drop That, So I Suggest You Lay Low, Buck, He From Cashville, Ten-A-Key N*gga, He Getting Them For Ten A Key, Save 10 For Me, N*gga.” – 50 Cent

Lloyd Banks Was Definitely The Fan Favorite Out Of The Group. The Smooth Gangsta w/ The Scratchy Vocals That Just Made Every Song He Put Out That Much More Raw. He Even Made Getting Rejected By Women Sound Cool w/ His Hit Single “Karma”. Then You Had Young Buck, Granted He Wasn’t The Best Lyricist Bar For Bar But He Was Definitely One Of Those Rappers That Could Rap About Something And You Wouldn’t Question If He Was Bout That Life Or Not. The Game Was The Same Way Mainly Because He Was From Compton But This Dude Could Actually Rap His Ass Off, “100 Bars & Running” Was No Joke. And Then There Was Tony Yayo……..

thegameThere Wasn’t A Soul That Listened To Rap And Didn’t Yell Out “GGGG-Unit” At Least Once In Their Lifetime. Back When CD Players Meant The World To Us, If You Didn’t Own At Least One G-Unit Radio Your Music Opinion Wasn’t Respected. But That Was Why The Unit Was So Great, Not Only Did They Have The Mainstream Game On Lock But At The Same Time They Had The Mixtape Game In A Figure Four Leg Lock. They Could Easily Give Us Hits Like “Stunt 101″ And “I Wanna Get To Know You” Then In The Same Breath Get Back To Street Records Like “Y’all N*ggas Ain’t F*ckin With Us” And “Bangers”.

So Where Did They Go Wrong? Was It Because Of The Game And G-Unit Beef? Or Did They Just Run Their Course And The People Just Needed Some One New To Love? Either Way That G-Unit Era Was Something Special… With The Exception Of The G-Unit Sneakers. They Gave Us So Much Music We Could Still Vibe To Till This Day, And For That They’ll Forever Be My Favorite Group. Anything After From TOS And Up Is Completely Irrelevant To Me By The Way. It Never Happened Like Jordan On Wizards.