The Campaign Stands For Cam’s Pain – GBM Volume 4 (Review)

“The Reason I Titled This Mixtape The Campaign, Is That For One; I Feel Like I’m The Voice Of My City, As Well As The Voice Of My State And I Feel Like It’s Time That We All Need To Come Together And Make This Sh*t Happen For Real.” Cam Starts Off His Mixtape With A Powerful Message That Pertains To Most Of Us In Rhode Island. Individually, Our Chances At Success Is Very Limited But If We Work As A Team Where We Support Each Other Unconditionally Then Can Our “Southside Dreams Become Reality”. But Anyways, I’m Not A Motivational Speaker … Honestly, I Barely Speak At All, So Let’s Get To What Y’all Came Here For. The Campaign Review.

I’m More Of A “Bad News First” Type Of Guy, It Gets All Of The BS Out Of The Way & Allows Us To Focus On The Positive, So With That Said … Youngest Doing It & Paper Planes. If You’ve Been Listening To Cam For Some Time, You Would Know That Those Two Tracks Have Been Floating Around For A While Now & I Personally Questioned Why It Was Featured On The Project. It Kind Of Threw Me Off Until I Heard The Explanation. The Two Songs Are Some Of His Best Piece Of Original Work And If You Were To Hand This In To A Record Label, The Real Question Is; Why Wouldn’t You Put Them On The Mixtape? But It Kind Of Reminded Of The Whole J. Cole Dilemma With In The Morning & Lights Please Being On Cole World But I Understand Where Cam Was Coming From. One Track That I Didn’t Care Too Much For Was One Hunnet, It Didn’t Really Fit The Whole Feel Of The Tape In My Opinion But I’m Guessing That’s Why It Was A Bonus Track. Also, There Was A Few Too Many Liquor References For My Liking & If I Didn’t Know Cam Personally, I Would’ve Thought He Was Some Kind Of Alcoholic.

Now That We’ve Gotten That Out Of The Way, Can We Talk About Traitor? My Personal Favorite. You Can Never Go Wrong With A Good Story & I Think People Fail To Realize The Difficulty In Being Able To Tell One, So To See Cam Take A Crack At It & Actually Be Successful Says A Lot For Him Talent Wise. My Only Complaint Is I Wish It Were A Little Bit Longer But Other Than That, Joint’s Tough. The Interludes Were On A Whole Different Level Too. Especially The Last Hope (Interlude) Which Seems To Be The Sequel To The Last Hope Which Was Featured On GBM Volume 2.5: Now Or Never.

From Mr. Keep It Real, To Mr. Paper Planes & Now Mr. Faded, I Can Already Tell Faded Is Going To Be Cam’s Next Anthem Based Off Of Everyone Reaction From It. The Techno Feel Mixed With Hip-Hop Drum Kits, Very Creative Track All-Around, Arguably The Best Track On There. The Vent, Which Is Also Up For Debate For The Best Song Is The Easily The Best Lyrical Piece, It Contains A Hefty Amount Of Quotables While Also Showcasing His Growth In Material To Rap About. #SupportRI, The Title Speaks For Itself. Cam Talks About His Struggles In Getting His Local Radio Station To Play His Music “And Tell Rukiz We Don’t Need Hot 106 … As Long As We Got MusicFeen & 9.55 On A Sunday…”. The Minute We Heard “I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter But I’ll Fight For What I Love.” We Knew That Going Crazy Was Definitely Going To Be The Official Female Banger.

It’s Always A Nice Feeling To See Some One Grow As An Artist. It Makes You Appreciate Them A Lot More & In The 2 Years That I’ve Been Listening To Cam Progression Is All I Hear/See. From GBM Volume 2.5 To GBM Volume 3 & We Can’t Forget About His R&B Mixtape Keep It Real, His Improvement Never Stops & The Campaign Is Raw Proof Of That As He Tops Himself Once Again. All In All, It Was A Very Great Project & If Anything It Exceeded My Set Expectations. Funny How I Enjoyed It More Than Rich Forever Though, But That’s Just Me … But Then Again What Do I Know?

Rating: 8/10

Download: Yung Cam – GBM Volume 4: The Campaign