The Birth


Sorry 4 The Blog

For some weeks now you’ve been seeing Kabir, Sam, and I tweet #S4TB all over twitter & you’re probably wondering “what is this mysterious hashtag?” and if you haven’t then f*ck you. But anyways today is the day that we put all that to rest. So what are we about? That’s the million dollar question that’s been floating around these internets for the past few days. Well honestly, when I find out the answer I’ll let y’all know.

Hello my names Kabir, I’m not the smartest man, but I plan on gaining some wisdom. Hopefully I can sprinkle some knowledge throughout this blog. Mainly you will see a lot of sarcasm & dry humor on my end. All I ask is you come to the site with an open ear, open mind & a sense of humor.

I go by the name of Sam Albert. I’m 20 years old, a junior at the University Of Rhode Island studying Speech Therapy/Audiology with a double major in Film Production. Aside from all that, I am a beat maker, a drummer, (NOT A PRODUCER), a new guitarist, and a new video editor/producer. Enough about me… welcome to Sorry4TheBlog! I’ll basically be bringing the video aspect to the site and bit of music. I’ll try and put into words my thoughts and feelings occasionally.

And I’m Shola, the Mastermind and Head N*gga in Charge. That’s all you need to know. I’m out.

#S4TB @Sorry4TheBlog

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