The Best Super Sayian Transformation (By: @TheKabirReport)

Recently I was thinking about Dragon Ball Z and just how Life Changing it was when Goku finally became a Super Sayian. I don’t think its a coincidence that the day I saw that transformation and the day I had my first orgasm coincide. Yeah, It was that serious. No moment on television has ever been that important to me, but I’ve been wondering which Super Sayian transformation was the best?

Its hard not to say the first one because of it was such a perfect set up. Goku, Krillin and Gohan think Frieza has been killed by the Spirit Bomb. Frieza pops up suddenly and kills Krillin, who is Goku’s best friend.This causes Goku to snap and after some screaming becomes The Legendary Super Sayian. He does a super cool pose and then yells at Gohan to get off the planet, which is hilarious by the way.

Then you have Super Sayian 2. All of the “Z Fighters” are getting their asses whooped by these Cell Jrs. Android 16  gives a lovely monologue and then is crushed by Cell. This is what makes Gohan flip out and transform. Which was a little ridiculous to me because up until that point his father and all his friends were getting beat up but it took a robot with no soul to make him transform. I will say that the final stand off between these two is some of the best moments in DBZ

This has to be the best one. I will admit that Super Sayian 3 is the least effective of all transformations, but when Goku showed it off for the first time it was no joke. This guys breaking electrical equipment miles away, changing cloud formations and shaking the entire planet. Now, under normal circumstances losing your eyebrows is a bad thing, but not in this case. Super Sayian 3 didn’t really get enough shine on the show, but there was some screen time in a few of the movies, like Wrath Of The Dragon.

Dragon Ball GT was a bit of a force and does not match the quality of Dragon Ball or DBZ. Super Sayian 4 was cool, but at this point was a little tired of Pan, Trucks and this Kid Goku with the tan, but what do I know.

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