The Baltimore Uprising

What we are seeing in Baltimore is the culmination of frustration from a people that have been marginalized and stepped on for decades. Black people have worked harder than any other group in this country’s history, and despite that fact we have little to show for it. The People Are Tired. Freddie Gray didn’t have to die. The police officers that killed him should be brought to justice immediately. Why do we still shouldn’t have to wonder about what happened to Freddie while he was in police custody? Why was this man’s spine broken? That’s as extreme as it gets. I’m as tired of writing this as you all are of reading it, but I don’t give a fuck if white people value my life. I care about how much black people value my life. If we value one another like we should than we can work together, organize, build and keep these badge-wearing, gun-totting thugs out of our community and away from our children.

“There is no right way to protest.”  Although Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the great agents of change in our history, his way isn’t the only way. Maybe burning a CVS is the only way to let people know you’re tired. I don’t live in Baltimore, and therefore I can’t tell those folks how to rise against our shared oppressor. What I can say is that they must take that energy and use it for the betterment of their community. However that may look is up to the leaders and the people to decide. There’s obviously more to be said, but there are enough people smarter than me who’ve discussed this. What do you we now?