The 4 Most Important Songs Released In 2015

2015 was great for albums and equally great for singles. Artists were able to encapsulate 2015 in single pieces of art that organically grew in popularity, or destroyed other artists careers. There were a ton of important songs released this year, but here are the 4 that come instantly to mind.

Hotline Bling/Back To Back

Drake dissed Meek Mill this year. While he put out Charged Up and Back To Back he released this slower, mellow, Cha-Cha adaptation.. and goddamn is it incredible. Drake has these lulls where I’ll forget what all the hypes about, why we all enjoy him, and what makes his unique. Then he puts out a song like this and it all becomes clear. No one else is able to create music like this. Drake, and his collaborators, have created a sound so undeniable its almost scary. Future may have had the better year, but we are all floating in Drake’s World.

Back To Back forever changed the course of Meek Mill’s career. I can’t remember a time where one song changed the trajectory of an artist so much. It’s mind-boggling. There wasn’t anything fancy about this diss. No wordy intros, or overdrawn interludes. Just a solid beat and bars that stung like an unanticipated slap. This song was deadly. Drake didn’t make any outrages allegations like Meek did in his comeback, nor did he result to name calling like Nas and Jay in their prime. Drake said it best “You Getting Bodied By A Singing N#gga!”


During out Instagram Party this year, we had the pleasure of premiering Z100’s Choosy video. The song had already made waves (lol) through the internet and caught on with its amazingly catchy hook and stellar production from Scino. When the video played on the projector the crowd lost it. Watching it with all our guests, the director, and the artist was one of the best moments of the year for me and the perfect moment for a special song.

The question remains… Can he top it?


To Pimp A Butterfly is by far my favorite album of 2015. Kendrick created a soulful, jazzy rap hybrid with a spliced Tupac interview, a stellar Rhapsody verse, and a song angrier than The Fruit of Islam. I listened to the album all year and my favorite song constantly changed. I loved Alright, but it wasn’t until I saw crowds of black protesters chanting the hook, that I understand the significance of the song, and this album, in this moment. Despite our conditions, and the possibility of it never changing, we will be alright. Thank you, Kendrick, for giving us music that reflects the time and our mix of emotions.

March Madness

Future is an unusual talent. His popularity seemingly started as a giant Troll-campaign by a few fans. Then Future actually started living up to the internet hype and released amazing music. Future has a ton of great songs, and guest appearances, but none top March Madness. This is what lightning in a bottle sounds like. 4 minutes and 22 seconds of glory. Tarentino, whoever he his, created a beat with no origins in our reality. Its from a different dimension and Future is the perfect person to rap(?) over it. This song sealed Future position as the hottest rapper this year.

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