The 4 Best Things About Star Wars: The Force Awakens

J.J and the folks over at Disney were able to create a great Star Wars film. Full of great action, characters and moments, The Force Awakens had a lot of great aspects and here are 4. Spoilers ahead!

Kylo Ren

The primary villain of this new trilogy, Kylo is a complicated fellow. As the son of Han Solo and General Leia, the nephew of Luke Skywalker and the grandson of Darth Vader, he has a lot to live up to. I think it’s that pressure, and maybe some mistakes in Luke’s training, that led Ben to The Dark Side. The character is one of the most interesting we’ve seen in a Star Wars film. Although Luke struggled with The Dark Side, and Anakin ultimately turned to it, we’ve never had character struggle with The Light Side of The Force. Kylo is complicated, he’s fighting with expectation, and being manipulated by Supreme Leader Snook. The moment he killed his father was a glimpse into his turmoil. He is torn up inside and you can see how uneven he is when he has one of his Lightsaber-temper tantrums.

Our Three New Heroes

The new heroes are the Star Wars Universes were crafted and acted with great care in Episode VII, and I enjoy all of them. Poe is a bad ass pilot, and Oscar Issac brings the perfect amount of charm, humor and pathos to his character, despite the limited screen time.

John Boyega is a bonafide superstar and he is absolutely hilarious. Fin is completely smitten by Rey and is dealing with his own morality. Is he Force sensitive? Who are his parents? Did Rey friend-zone him with that kiss on the forehead? I look forward to seeing his arc in the rest of the series.

Rey is the center of the new trilogy and she carries that massive weight of the films gracefully. From the small character moments at the beginning, with the Rebel pilot helmet, the scavenging and even the lighthearted slide down the sand dune. We fall in love with her in the first 30 minutes and it only grows as she learns the ways of The Force. Her lineage is crucial to this trilogy and will explain her abilities. It seems like so many of these characters know her and where she comes from. People are hiding her past from her and the audience. Let the speculation begin!

Seeing Old Faces

The Force Awakens has masterfully retooling the Original Trilogy for a new generation and a new audience. Harrison Ford does a masterful job as reprising his iconic role as Han Solo. He has the same wit, sarcasm and scruff, but he’s aged. You can tell in the sacrifice he makes at the end, that watching his son turn to The Darkside ruined his relationship with Leia. Carrie Fisher gives a subtle performance and you can tell that she has buried herself in her General role.

Luke shows up at the very end of the movie with no dialogue. He simply turns around and lowers his hood. The look on his face is so unclear and there is so much promised for the next film.


The star of the show! Who knew we could love a droid more than R2?

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