The 2012 Iowa Caucus

The Iowa Caucus was last night giving these Republicans a chance to answer one-word questions with as many sentences possible, and play “Question Dodge” together. Mitt Romney beat out Rick Santorum by eight votes and Ron Paul came in a far third. Michele Bachmann only got about 5% of the votes. She performed so poorly she dropped out of the race this morning. What does this all mean? Nothing much actually. Obama looks better & better the more these characters bash one another. The GOP is still uncertain about Mitt’s ability to beat Obama. Rick got his name out there with this second place finish. Ron Paul is still only appealing to a small niche audience and Newt might as well dropout. This all really means nothing. Any presidential or congressional candidate you’ve ever voted for was chosen by the elite, and is merely a puppet for these faceless leaders of the free world. The lack of any legitimate competition to Obama shows that they want him to remain in office for various reason. Mainly for the recolonization of Africa. Alas, what do I know?




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