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Tales of the Body Count

It’s 2016. By now, we all have a good idea of the rhetoric that repudiates slut shaming. It’s okay to be a hoe! As long as you’re a safe hoe.

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Despite this wave, I can’t help but feel like the negative implications of the body count continues to linger in popular culture. Especially with artists like J. Cole who has convinced society that if a girl is out here is tryna get her some, she is not worth your time–i.e. don’t save ha. In a sense, differentiating women based off of their sexual tendencies. (cough, slutshaming, cough)

This is nothing new. But, what people tend to forget is that “hoes” have some of the best qualities.

1. She knows everybody – This social butterfly has connects for the connects. Thus, granting you endless pathways to your political career.

2. She has great sexual intelligence – Have you ever been in the bedroom with someone who had no idea what they were doing? The best thing she could do was fake moan and assume position? Sex requires a lot of courage and fluidity that only exists with some of the most liberated of deviants.

3. She is confident – Hoes don’t live for other people’s approval. They been knew they was cute.

4. Check Cardi B, the queen of hoes.

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Moral of the story: Save a hoe. The politics behind shaming any aspect of sexuality is childish.

I remember in 7th grade, I almost got jumped by a bunch of Columbians because I called this one girl a hoe. At the time, I didn’t know jack diddly squat about this girl. In all honesty, I distinctly remember being jealous of her. Childish.

All in all, men, your peen is just as increasingly susceptible to diseases as our taco salad is with increased partners. So check yourself. Cause it’s got to be somebody sliding through all these hoes.

Ladies, don’t let a man intimidate you from sharing your magic number.

Forgive yourself, forgive everyone else. Inner peace.

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