Tahisha’s Perfect Wash & Go

There is no doubt that Tahisha is killing it with her natural hair. She has been doing her thing for a while now. If I could guess 20 years, but who is really counting. When I first went natural, Tahisha was so supportive of my journey. She would always tell me that my hair looked great and back then that was really needed. Having a TWA was not as embraced as it is today. When you only have a half a centimeter of hair, it humbles you the same way you are humbled when you have no edges or your barber who you trust so dearly, pushes your hairline back. It is tragic, but having a friend to push you to be uncomfortable with your hair is definitely a beautiful thing.

The girl always had beautiful hair. Exhibit A



I have been asking Tah for her techniques since I met her in second grade. Her hair made me want to be friends with her (she was pretty cool too lol). When she told me that she would stop using that creamy crack, I knew that her hair would flourish and I had no choice but to offer the same amount of support. There were some trying times for the both of us but I know for sure we would not have had it any other way.

I wish it only took me less than seven minutes to produce a perfect wash & go like hers, she was slaying before I knew it. This video left me wanting more! She might have a good thing going here. Thank God for Youtube and the ability to learn how to care for our hair, but it is nice to see someone who is from Lil Rhody adding to that realm. I am so excited that she is now sharing her secrets with y’all!! Watch Tahisha’s Perfect Wash & Go below!

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