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Khary Durgans – Swim Team (EP)

I’ve had the pleasure to give my boy Khary Durgans’ EP a listen,  and I must say this is one of my favorite projects this entire year! The 6 track EP, seems to illustrate Khary as an artist with his own style, and a confident and creative artist. Take a listen!

“They don’t take me serious, a rapper from Rhode Island; They think that’s upstate New York. So I’ma kill the game and let you sort, through the bodies and the lifeless corpses.”

This is far from my ‘Magnum Opus’ but when people see where I take my music over the next two years, they will look back on this project as the start. This project marks me really seeing the potential in myself and my ‘swim team’ so it’s already noteworthy to me. I’m gonna let time do it’s thing now.

-Khary Durgans

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