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Supporting Black Owned Businesses

The black community cannot determine its own destiny until we achieve economic freedom. Of course, there is a massive, complicated system taking the little capital we have. There are a number of things we can start doing now to change our economic forecast and weaken our dependence on white folks. Putting your money in a black-owned bank is one of those things. The other thing is shopping at black-owned businesses. The internet has made this easier than ever. Black people have a presence in every industry you can think of. Supporting black businesses locally are just as important.

On Sorry4TheBlog we will begin highlighting black businesses here in Rhode Island. It won’t be as in-depth at the beginning, but we hope to add interviews and other content when we can. Initially, we will include the basics. What type of business it is, location, hours of operation, picture, and a short blurb. These highlights will live on a dedicated Black Business page. You are all welcome to leave comments, ask for more info or provide more information if you have it!

As a group founded by black men and a website that talks about these issues, we feel it’s important to do our part virtually. Please leave feedback and share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email us at Thank you!

Lastly, we know hubs like this exist already and you should utilize them. This is just something small we want to contribute. Thank you!


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