Batman/Buperman #68 comic book cover art by D.C. Comics

Superman/Batman Film Coming In 2015

superman batman movie comic con Batman/Superman Film to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

Comic-Con ended yesterday with a ton of announcements coming from FOX, Sony & Marvel/Disney. Many people were wondering what DC and Warner Bros. had planned for the show. After the end of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy and the success of Man Of Steel people wanted to know what was the next step for these Superheros. The Avengers’s proved that a shared universe was possible and a financial goldmine, but how were they going to do it? Well, now we know. In 2015 the next Superman movie will star both Henry Cavill as Superman and the next Batman, who has yet to be casted. This is a pretty big deal as two of the greatest comic-book heroes will share the same screen for the first time ever (not counting cartoons). Zack Snyder, the man who directed Man Of Steel, will be back for this crossover. David S. Goyer, who wrote Man Of Steel, is on board to pen the script, and The Godfather Christopher Nolan is back to executive produce the film. Also, The Flash will be getting a movie in 2016, but that’s not as exciting.