@TheKabirReport’s Favorite Films: The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Bill Murray plays an oceanographer on an adventure to save his career & seek vengeance on the Jaguar Shark that killed his right hand man. His crew is a random bunch of characters including a naked girl, college interns, a pregnant journalist and Willem Dafoe. They might just be the worst group of people ever on a boat, but they some how manage to work it out. Steve Zissou’s life is on the rocks as they say. His film career is going downhill and his wife, who seems uninterested in anything, seems least  interested in him. He meets his alleged son, played by Owen Wilson, and through the movie the two develop a very interesting relationship among all the chaos going on during their voyage. Whether the crew is stealing from a rival oceanographer, or getting robbed by a bunch of pirates. This movie is so odd that I can’t really tell you what it is I love so much about it. It isn’t that funny, nor is it a compelling drama. It might just be Bill’s performance, which is funny because I feel like he wasn’t doing much acting in this film. It seems like director, Wes Anderson, asked Bill to just come on set and be “Bill”. The soundtrack is pretty awesome as most of Wes’ are. Lastly, if nothing else convinced you to watch there is Jeff Goldblum as Bill’s half gay nemesis. You should watch this when you get a chance, but go in with no expectations.

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