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sebas 2I found Sebastian Osorio at the University of Rhode Island. He is an art major and double majoring in education. I see Osorio around campus often and today he really stood out because of his sweater. His sweater is a A Bathing Ape, also known as Bape , 1st Camo Shark Hoodie.  With it he paired a simple olive green, long sleeved t-shirt with a chest pocket from H&M and black destroyed jeans from Pacsun with tears only at the knees. And on his feet the Nike free run 4.0 fly knits. And to complete the outfit a Michael Kors watch. It’s cool, it’s comfortable and it’s different. The hoodie is really unique in the fact that there’s a zipper on the hood that you can zip all the up to cover your face. That adds to the effect of the jacket actually being a shark.

A Bathing Ape is a Japanese clothing brand founded by Nigo in 1993. The brand specializes in men’s, women’s and children’s lifestyle and street wear. It has started to become a really popular brand. Many celebrities have been seen wearing it, Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi and I definitely know Chris Brown’s closet is filled with the Bape brand it’s always all over his Instagram. Not so long ago Keith Ape, a Korean rapper released his music video for his song “It G Ma“(<- Click to watch)  where the A Bathing Ape logo flashes across the screen multiple times. It’s also shouted out in the song itself.

A Bathing Ape has a lot of cool and different products. On top of their already awesome logo and designs, they also do a lot of collaborations with different people, and companies. For example, Hello Kitty, Chris Brown has a collab with them, minions from Despicable Me, Dragon Ball Z. Check it out for yourself on (<- click link)sebas 4

I asked Sebatian Osorio some questions so that we too can keep up with the up and coming brands that we don’t see everyday.

S4TF: Describe you style in 4 words.

Osorio: Artistic, Versatile, something that involves a different variety of things and meshes multiple things into one, balanced – neither over doing it nor underwhelming, and comfortable

S4TF: Where is your favorite place to shop and why?

Osorio: Can I say online?

S4TF: Online where? That’s the same as saying ‘stores’, it’s too vague.

Osorio: Pacsun and Bape and ASOS. Pacsun because I like the fit and it’s hard to find good jeans and they incorporate artistic qualities into their clothing.

Bape, I liked it since the 7th grade and I liked it because it’s foreign and Biggie wore Bape. It’s different you didn’t really find people wearing it and I like to be unique. Soulja boy actually introduced me to it. “I got me some bathing apes” I never could get any but now that I’m more independent I can purchase things from the brand. Kid Cudi and Pharrell wore it. Now everyone is wearing it which is a little disheartening but I still enjoy their clothing. The graphics are so different and unique, like the zippers on the hood and the characters the clothing are. It’s very original. They are going against the norm which is something I also like to challenge.

ASOS I like because they approach the style from a different perspective. For them its more about how they manipulate the fabric. Even if they have a simple t-shirt it has something special about it. And its European and I always follow European fashion because they are always ahead of America when it comes to innovation and I also want to be one step ahead. The models on Asos also give me inspiration all the models are so different and you can see how textures and colors look on different skin tones and people. I like clothing because I like them not because other people are wearing them. I feel like other people do that often

S4TF: Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

I hate when people wear stuff because other people like it, despite if they’re uncomfortable or don’t really like it themselves. I also hate when people feel superior to others just because of what they’re wearing. If someone doesn’t take fashion as seriously as you then they shouldn’t be criticized for what they wear. Some people can’t afford the luxury of others

S4TF: What is the most important piece in your wardrobe?

My tatoos. I wear them everyday and no one  can duplicate them they’re like a finger print they are a part of me and they tell a story. But if I have to say a article of clothing, my Colombian bracelets because I wear that every day and never take them off and they define my culture and can go with anything. I feel like other people would say jeans or shirt or something so I thought I’d say something different.Sebas 1

Osorio’s friend: You can’t just veto things just because you feel like people like them or like people would chose that ..etc you have to like things because you like them. That’s like saying who do you love the most in the world and you say I feel like people would say my mom so Imma say my dog instead. If you love your mom you, then love your mom.

Osorio’s friend is right, trendsetting is tough, we always have to ask the question “Am I buying this because everyone else likes it?” but then there is also the question “Am I not buying this because everyone else likes it?” Though being a trendsetter means being different and the start of something new, I believe it also means being innovative and being true to one’s self. If you like something then you should buy it. Trendsetting isn’t only in what you buy but in how you wear it. It’s finding something ordinary and common and transforming it into something unique and seemingly brand new.  So to the aspiring trendsetters out there, let’s start the trend of just being yourself because just like you can lose yourself in trying to be the same as everyone else you can also lose yourself in trying to be too different. Just be you, despite those around you and I guarantee that in being you there’s no way you’ll be a copy of someone else.sebas 5

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