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Edrice Jean-Louis is currently a student at the University of  Rhode Island majoring in Mathematics.  He has a unique style that has always stood out to me and I was waiting for the day that I could cover him for Sorry4TheStreetStyle. Jean-Louis is starting to develop his own clothing line named Prime Fashion and he is the inspiration behind my new segment Thread Local. There are a lot of talented local designers with a lot of great clothes that go unnoticed and I thought this to be a great platform to get the word out about them.

Jean-Louis’s goals for Prime Fashion is for it to become a lifestyle brand that represents “good times.” “I want this fashion line to be the one that people can say is different” and with putting on the clothes comes a feeling of enjoyment. Jean-Louis is known among his friends to enjoy life to the fullest. He is carefree, lax, mischievous and full of life. Corruption being his motto and sangria being his choice of drink, hence his first shirt designed being an ode to the fine wine, Edrice Jean- Louis goes day to day unbothered and unconstrained. I’m partial to the drink myself, #InCarloRossiWeTrust. He would like his clothing to exude the same personality as his own. Being in Prime Fashion clothing will lend you that same carefree lifestyle.

Prime Fashion Prime Fashion(1)

To start off his climb to success Jean-Louis “would like to start with the standard fashion show and art expo, but soon move to, not only online selling but, also having an actual store”. When asked how the brand came to be Jean-Louis answered, “My friends would always roast me because I didn’t wear true religion, polo, or Jordan’s. It’s not that these brands are not nice but I wanted to be able to wear something that’s not only original but also would stand out in a crowd. I represent myself with every outfit I put together. So I came to a realization, ‘why not be able to wear something that I am creating/designing?’ From there, I took the appropriate steps to start this project.” We have another trendsetter in our midst but Jean Louis took it to the next step by not only creating new trends by wearing other’s designs, but designing trends for others to wear.

It wouldn’t be Sorry4theStreetStyle with out talking about personal style. In the pictures Edrice Jean-Louis is wearing a German army fatigue jacket from Army & Navy Thayer Street of which he added some of the patches himself. Under it is a shirt of his own design which he paired with black destroyed denim, which has been a very popular trend among young men lately, that is one of his finds on his many thrifting endeavors that he washed several times and cut himself to get the right look that he wanted. On his head is a red hat from ETA clothing by an artist who makes their own clothing. His choice of accessories diamond stud earrings, a gold chain and a gold watch handed down to him by his father. He also has a septum piercing which has been a popular trend lately, mostly with females. I’ve seen few men pull it off and Jean-Louis is one of those few. It works with his style very well.

Nothing on him is from the usual places like H&M or the usual popular athletic stores. Jean-Louis is the perfect example of not needing name brands to  develop a style worth noticing. A lot of people think style and name brand items are synonymous, but I’ve seen many people with all the name brand that you can get and yet their style is sub par. It’s not only about the clothes you wear but how you wear them. “Style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence” – George Clinton. Confidence is the perfect accessory to any outfit and confidence is something that Edrice Jean-Louis does not lack.

Edrice 1

Here are Edrice Jean-Louis’s answers to some questions I asked so that we can have a better understanding of his style.

S4TF: Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

Jean Louis: ” My number one if this counts,” he laughs, “is sagging pants. I really don’t understand it”

S4TF: Where is your favorite place to shop? Why?

Jean Louis: “Overall savers, Some think it’s tacky but honestly there’s so many different styles in that store and people fail to realize that. Thrifting is where you find nice vintage clothing and a mixture of everything else.”Edrice 2

S4TF: Name one style rule you think all women and/or men should beak.

Jean Louis: “Color clashing, I feel like people are afraid to do it”

S4TF: What’s your favorite piece in your wardrobe at the moment?

Jean Louis: “Would have to be my army fatigue jacket with the patches, it’s a German Army jacket so it has an old look to it. I feel the patches on it represent me well. Mixing my modern look with a vintage jacket, best thing I’ve ever done”



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