Sorry4TheStreetStyle – The Sailor Moon Fanatic

Romie (1)I found Romie Bois in a Stop N’ Shop in Cranston, RI buying some snacks for a friend’s birthday get together. Her outfit caught my attention because though it was simple and comfortable it was still very much stylish. She was wearing black slim tapered pants and a black and white striped mock turtleneck top that she paired with a denim jacket. What really drew my attention were here shoes and her purse

On her feet she wore white Adidas  Superstar foundation shoes which are very on trend right now. And swinging by her hip, my favorite part of the outfit, her black purse that’s shaped like a cat with a little crescent moon on it. I immediately recognized it as Luna from the popular animated show of the 90’s, Sailor Moon.

“It was a birthday gift from a friend” Bois says when asked where she got it “Actually the same friend I’m buying snacks for right now. I’m completely obsessed with the show. My friends may not understand my obsession” she laughs, “but they definitely support it, I have Sailor Moon socks, wallets, T-shirts and the list goes on”.

Even without knowing the inspiration behind the design of the purse, it is still a cute and quirky addition to one’s wardrobe

Luna, Sailor Moon

Sorry4theFashion asked Romie Bois a couple of questions about her style. Hopefully her answers can help us in our quests to reach a relaxed but impressionable look.

S4TF: Describe your style in 4 Words.

Bois:: Ahhhh! I’m so bad with words! Let me see I think I can definitely say quirky, I can be sporty  sometimes.”

     After a long pause her friends offers some help, “She likes to be on trend”

Bois: Yes! Trendy and I really like to go bohemian

S4TF: Where is your favorite place to shop?

Bois: Ok now that’s something I can answer quickly, TJ Maxx, They have everything I need. They carry a variety of styles there and they’re always on trend.

S4TF: What is the most important piece in your wardrobe?

Bois: Hmmm…Does hair count? I guess not huh? Well I’ll just say that hair does play an important factor in how I feel about my outfit, but if that doesn’t count I will go with shoes. I can put anything together but without the right pair of shoes it just throws the whole outfit off.

S4TF: If you could have any t.v. show/ movie characters wardrobe, who would it be and why?

Bois: Spencer from Pretty Little Liars because she has a very classy style


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