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As we all know yesterday was Easter Sunday! And what comes with Easter Sunday is Easter Sunday fashion. Everyone brings out their Sunday’s Best.

For my Easter I went to Elmwood Avenue Church of God in Providence, RI. People really went all out this year. Bright, Pastel Colors, Poofy dresses, three piece suits. Easter never fails to be an interesting day in church fashion.

Jeremiah (2)Jeremiah  (1)

The first person to catch my eye yesterday was Jeremiah Hiralien (on the left). His outfit wasn’t overdone for the occasion but neither was it underwhelming. I believe he had the perfect balance.  He wore powder blue chinos with a white button up top and a black belt to match his black shoes. His choice of accessories being a plaid bow tie in the same blue of his pants, black rimmed glasses and a skinny gold chain adding the right amount of youth and swag to keep his outfit from being ordinary.

Jeremiah wasn’t the only one rocking a bow tie on that lovely Sunday morning. You may pick out the perfect suit, but no ensemble is complete without the right accessories.

Jacques St. Louis (on the right)  rocked a polka Jaques (1)dot  bow tie with a matching pocket square. With them he wore a grey pinstriped three piece suit and and blue collared button up. Being over 60 years of age doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go. That we can obviously see that with Jacques’s choice of style, grandpa’s can be fly. Bow ties were definitely the trend this Easter. I read an article once that said “The right bow tie can transform your outfit from unimaginative to quirky and confident.” Men if you don’t have a bow tie in your arsenal you better start looking for a good one.

The praise and worship team also came to slay the game. Sophie Eugene and Shebna Wagnac both wore bright colored sheath dresses paired with beautiful statement necklaces. I caught them after the service to make sure I got a good shot of them. A simple silhouette and a statement necklace to grab you attention rarely fails and it definitely did not fail when it came to Eugene and Wagnac. They pulled it off effortlessly. SophieShebna (2)

As bow ties was the big trend for the men Denim dresses were the trend of the day for the women. Denim has been a really big trend lately. denim pants, denim jackets, denim dresses, think of anything piece of clothing or accessory and I bet you you’ll be able to find it in a denim fabric. I’m sure not complaining, denim is probably one of my favorite trends as of now. So if you do find what you thought of in a denim fabric I’ll be happy to take it off your hands. Denim can be worn in any season and is extremely versatile and it hardly goes out of style.

Erica Denor had to be my best look of the day wearing a denim shift dress with some detailing around the collar that falls right under the knee. For accessories she held a white clutch with the words ” I love shoes” written across and those words definitely fit because her shoes were to die for, bright violet pumps.

I asked Erica some questions so that maybe next Easter we’ll be the ones slaying the game and really know how to wear our Sunday’s best.

S4TF: Where is your favorite place to shop?

Denor: Thrift shops are some of my favorite places to shop. I like finding something old and figuring out a way to make it new. Other than that I would say H&M, their clothes are on trend without trying too hard

S4TF: What is your favorite piece in your closet at the moment and why?

Denor: My favorite piece in my closet is basic T-shirt dress. It is so versatile. You can add sneakers, with a jean jacket and a cap and you have a casual day outfit or you could do heels and some jewelry. Not mention it’s extremely flattering.

S4TF: Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

Denor: that would be over accesorizing

S4TF: Describe your style in 4 words.

Denor: My style in 4 words would be Bohemian, Boyish, 90s and casual

I must admit I totally agree on the over accessorizing. Nothing drowns an outfit more than too many accessories. That is something Easter brings out in some people, that and the mixture of too many colors. So next year ask yourself “Do I need this many accessories?” and “Do all this colors compliment each other?” Questions like those can save your outfit, trust me. Thank you Erica Denor for reminding us of the importance that sometimes less is more.

Erica (1)Erica (4)

Erica(2)Erica (3)

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