Allen Iverson, The NBA Rebel

In addition to fashion, sports is another big interest of mine. Today is the 41st birthday of one of my favorite NBA players of all time, Allen Iverson. Over his amazing NBA career he averaged 26.7 points and 6.2 assist a game, played with the most heart despite only being 6’0 feet, and who can forget his “We Talkin’ Bout Practice!” rant? In addition to what he did on the court, he was known for his rebellious fashion sense off the court. Before games Allen Iverson was always spotted with his throwback jerseys, oversized clothing, large chains, and a du-rag covering his signature braids.

His style was unfairly described as “thuggish” by some of his spectators.  Many believe he was the reason former NBA commissioner , David Stern, implemented a dress code in 2005. Despite all the critics about his looks, he stayed true to himself and did not allow rules to stop him from expressing himself through style. AI’s signature looks even inspired many NBA players today (just look at Russell Westbrook’s instagram) to feel good about how they express themselves in the NBA. In honor of AI’s birthday here are a few instances of his signature NBA “Bad Boy” looks.

The Du-Rag


 Being an honorary member of #DuRagGang, I have to appreciate how Iverson proudly wore his du-rag where ever he went. The du-rag keeps his signature braids in tact. He would probably wear du-rags during games if allowed.

The Answer to the Question


Allen Iverson had his own signature sneaker called the “Reebok Question,” released in 1999. He wears them in one of his most memorable highlights: The day he crossed up the G.O.A.T, Michael Jordan.

Retirement Ceremony


Allen Iverson’s jersey retirement ceremony was another sad day for the league, as they celebrate another great talent, and his fans all around the word. This outfit is a little more modern, but  AI still shows out in the baggy clothes and flashy gold chains.

Hall of Fame Standout


Let’s play a game called “Find AI.” I love how AI stays true to himself in this picture. While all of his fellow Hall of Fame inductees are wearing suits, he wears a New York Yankees fitted, gold chain, and marketing his sneaker brand in a Reebok t-shirt and sneakers.

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