Sorry4TheFashion: A Few Pet Peeves

Wrinkly Clothes

Do I really have to explain this one? There is not much excuses for having wrinkles in your clothes. Whether you are wearing a plain t-shirt or dressing for a professional event your clothes should look presentable. Let me know if I’m wrong but I think everyone owns an iron, if you don’t invest in one and take those 10-15 minutes and make your outfit look nice and crisp.

Don't you want to be as happy as her with her wrinkle free clothing?

Look how happy she looks with her wrinkle free clothing :)!

When Clothes Don’t Fit

I get it, slim fitting and oversized clothing are the trends now. I also get it’s your preference on what you chose to wear. However, know what fits and looks great on you. I have done this before and ended up becoming the topic of a few roasting sessions. We have all seen it, the guy with jeans so tight you can see the exact phone, lip balm, and keys they have in their pocket, it is not a comfortable look. Do yourself a favor and make sure those clothes feel good, look good, and ask friends for opinions on how you look.

If you can pull this off, hats off to you!

If you can pull this off, hats off to you!

Athletic Socks

There is nothing appealing to me about these socks outside of athletic gear. If you’re not about to play a sport or go to the gym keep the athletic socks away. The worst is when I see them with dress pants and shoes. There are so many alternatives that can add so much more to your outfit than a plain pair of socks. Try a few different patterns, such as polka dots and stripes, and see what you like best.

"Did someone say  ball up after church?"

“Did someone say ball up after church?”

Busting a Sag

Why is this still a thing? Can someone explain me the reason people like to wear pants below their waist and show off their boxers, please. To top it off they have a belt that is used to keep pants up… oh the irony! It must get annoying to have to walk and pull up your pants every five seconds. Just buy a pair of pants that fit, it looks a lot better.

Nice jeans though.

Nice jeans though.

These are just a few pet peeves I have when it comes to style. I’m just one person with an opinion, so if you do any of these, do you. People may not like articles of clothing I choose to wear as well. If you have any pet peeves you’d like to share feel free to leave a comment!

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