Sorry4TheBlog Presents: The JuicyByAnnie Section


A Lot Of Y’all Are Probably Already Familiar With Annie, So An Introduction Is Not Really Needed, But For Those Who Don’t Know Her, She’s Always Been A Contributor To The Site. Whether It Was Hosting The Summer Boo Draft w/ Marelen Or Giving Us Invaluable Input Behind-The-Scenes For Other Projects, She More Or Less Has Always Been Apart Of The Team. Her Knowledge And Taste For Music Is One Of The Few That I Respect, Her Writing Ability Is Pretty Amazing, And She’s Probably One Of The Most Creative People I Know, So w/ All This Said, I Think It’s Safe To Say That We At Sorry4TheBlog Are Excited For What She Will Bring To The Table With JuicyByAnnie And I Think You Guys Should Be Too.