Sorry4TheBlog Presents: #SummerBooDraft2013


First & Foremost, We Gotta Shout Out The Homeys Fris, Tomi And Bullet For Inspiring The Summer Boo Draft 2013. So With That Said Let’s Get Right Into Things.. The First 38 People (19 Males/19 Females) That Contacted S4TB, Whether It Was Through Text, Email, Or Twitter; Names Were Submitted To Be DRAFTERS In The Draft. DRAFTERS Only Have One Role, And One Role Only, TO DRAFT A BOO. That’s It. Nothing More, Nothing Less. Common Sense, Right? Apparently Not.. After They Submitted Their Names, The Drafters Were Then Entered Into A Lottery (Which Y’all Watched Last Week) That Determined What Position Pick They Would Receive (Positions 1 – 19). Then It Was Up To Y’all To Send Us Your Picks.

But To Clarify Some Questions That Were Repeatedly Asked These Past Couple Weeks, I’m Going To Restate Some Rules/Prizes.

-There Are 2 Rounds To The Draft. The 1st Round Will Be The Top 10 Picks, And The 2nd Round Will Consist Of Picks 11-19.

-Draft Picks Can Still Be Traded.

-The First 5 Females That Are DRAFTED Will Attend PartyWithLe’s Upscale Birthday Party “The Grand” On July 19th For Free. For More Details CLICK HERE

And That’s Really About It. We Also Wanna Thank Our Two Gorgeous Hostesses,  Marelen & Annie For Being Apart Of The Summer Boo Draft Process, We Couldn’t Have Done It Without Y’all, And We Wanna Thank Y’all For Getting This Trending In Providence & New Haven. So Now To Get To What Y’all Came Here For, The Summer Boo Draft 2013. Let The Games Begin…