Sorry4TheBlog Presents: #SummerBooDraft2013 (Rules & Details)


Draft Lottery Details:

There Will Be Two Parts To The Summer Boo Draft, The First Part Will Be The Draft Lottery. For Those Who Don’t Know, This Process Basically Determines What Pick The Drafters Will Receive, Ranging From Pick 1 To Pick 20. After Your Position In The Draft Is Determined, You’ll Have About One Week To Scout Potential “Picks” (You’ll Need At Least 2-3 Draft Choices Just In Case Your First Option Is Already Selected). You Will Then Submit Your Picks To Either Kabir, Annie, Shola, Marelen, Sam, Or Pete By Friday, July 12th. Sidenote: There Will Be Two Separate Lotteries, One For The Men Side And One For The Women. It’ll Make More Sense When You Actually See It.

Summer Boo Draft 2013 Details:

The Summer Boo Draft Will Take Place On Sunday, July 14th via Twitter. There Will Be 2 Rounds Consisting Of 20 Picks Per Round (10 Males & 10 Females). I Think This Part Is Pretty Self-Explanatory But Of Course There’s Gonna Be Some Lost Soul Out There That’s Confused, So If You Have Any Further Questions, Feel Free To Contact Either Kabir, Annie, Shola, Marelen, Sam Or Pete.


-Everyone Is Basically Fair Game. You Can Draft Whoever You Want, But They Have To Have Either Twitter Or Instagram.

-You Do NOT Have To Pick From The Drafter List. (People Are Still Gonna Ask Me This Question, That’s The Crazy Thing)

-If You’re Drafting, You Can Still Be Drafted.

-Out Of State Picks Are FORBIDDEN.

-Trade Of Picks Are Allowed, Just Let Us Know Beforehand.

-Your Picks Have To Be In By Friday, July 12th 11:59PM EST.

-Last But Not Least, Drafters Can NOT. I Repeat Can NOT Choose Some One Of The Same Sex. I’m Pretty Sure Guys Won’t Have This Problem, So This Is For The Females Trying To Take The Easy Way Out.