My Top 4: Neptunes Beats


Clones is an album of songs from various artists. The album featured four singles; “Frontin'” by Pharrell, “Light Your Ass On Fire” by Busta Rhymes, “Hot Damn” by Clipse and “It Blows My Mind” by Snoop Dogg.

Considered to be one of the most successful producers in music history, producer duo: Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo haveproduced tracks from an eclectic pick of musical artist from Gloria Estefan, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kelis, SWV, Maroon 5, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and many more. Not only is their clientele impressive but their beat making and writing  skills are notable through the range of different artists using a familiar drum sound, peculiar synth lines and most tracks include some kind of vocals from Mr. Skate Board P himself. Below I listed some of my favorite tracks produced by the production duo. Honestly, I would have listed the whole entire track list of Clipse’s debut album,  Lord Willin‘ , but I figured I should make a list that spoke for the versatility of their expertise and creativity.


4. Rock Your Body-Justin Timberlake

This track is off of JT’s debut solo album, Justified. This track alone proved that Justin could be a lot more successful as a solo artist. His performance style was inspired by Janet Jackson which in itself says a lot about his variety of dance and genre. The Neptunes produced about 7 out of 13 tracks off of the album which automatically makes it worth a listen. This is personally one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s fun, it’s dance worthy and the lyrics are catchy.

3. Drop It Like It’s Hot-Snoop Dogg Featuring Pharrell

The song topped Billboard top 100 for three weeks. There’s no denying that once this song is dropped anywhere, you are taken back to the year 2004 but this song in my opinion is timeless in the genre of Hip-Hop. The most memorable part of this track had to be the simplicity of it. The song consisted of this sort of tongue clicking sound a long with some drums and keyboard. Even though Pharrell only had one short verse on the track, it might just be the one everyone remembers the most. This song was not only huge for Snoop but also for Pharrell as it was his first biggest hit worldwide.

2. Got Your Money-ODB Featuring Kelis

As one of the founding members of the Wu-tang Clan, you couldn’t expect nothing less of raunchiness, some craziness but a dope song over all from ODB. I consider this to be one of the best songs of all time. This was Kelis’ first appearance singing the hook “Hey, Dirty. Baby, I got your money don’t you worry.” I still don’t know why she had his money or if this song is insinuating that ODB is her pimp but Kelis didn’t need his money after releasing her single “Milkshake” which The Neptunes also produced.

1. Grindin’-Clipse

Get your pens and pencils, no desk or any surface is safe! This is arguably the best beat The Neptunes ever produced. As as kid, me and my friends and fellow classmates spent hours on end trying to imitate this beat using nothing but our fist and some kind of writing utensil banging against school desks or the inside wall of the yellow school bus on our way home. This song alone solidifies just how dope and versatile The Neptunes talent is. This beat took their career to a new height. Sadly, the Virginia Beach rap duo, Pusha-T and his brother Malice continued to be slept on by mainstream Hip-Hop even after the release of their debut album, Lord Willin’. Like I said before, it took all of me to not construct a list consisting of only tracks off of Lord Willin’. I mean “Gangsta Lean”, “When Was The Last Time”, “Hot Damn”, “Ma, I Don’t Love Her”? Sweet baby Jesus, The Neptune out did themselves.

Honorable Mention:

4. Nothin’-N.O.R.E

3. U Don’t Have To Call-Usher

2. Hella Good-No Doubt

1. I’m A Slave For You-Britney Spears

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