Sorry 4 The Hair

I’m sorry that my hair defies your standard of beauty.
Sorry for the way my tightly coiled curls grow out of my scalp, in such a way that makes them so questionable.
I’m sorry you thought it was okay to touch
But I’m not sorry for the way I reacted.
Because your intemperate disposition does not make it okay for you to invade my personal space.
I’m sorry you are so besotted.
I’m sorry that you continue to push your ideal on me, as if I care what you think.
I’m sorry you think I am making a political statement.
I’m sorry that I do not consider my kinks a sort of illness or disease ¬†curable with creamy crack
I’m not sorry that our views on what is aesthetically pleasing are inconsistent, because you tried to strip me of my beauty,
When all I’ve done was embrace yours.
Sorry for the hair

Sorry 4 The Hair is about reclaiming our hair. It is an outlet that will encourage women to continue to learn about their natural hair. We will discuss the common misconceptions associated with natural hair, provide hair care tips and tricks, address the daily struggles and the shade (whether it be the palm trees from women within the natural hair community or outsiders thinking they be knowing). We will talk about it ALL.

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