Sony May Reveal PS4 On Feb. 20th

This video was released yesterday on Sony’s Facebook & Twitter. There will be a special press event on February 20th, and many feel that Sony will show off its latest video game console. Rumors have been swirling all over the internet about the next generation of consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. Apparently, the latest Sony console will be more powerful than Microsoft’s next system. The Playstation 4 is also rumored to leave behind the famous “DualShock” controller design, the user interface will be more accessible than the PS3s cross media bar, and will have social network integration. I’m still in love with my PS3, and don’t plan on letting it go anytime soon, but I’m excited to see this new system. I also wouldn’t mind the controller getting a little more Xbox-y. As much as  I hate to admit it, I love that Xbox controller. I’ve been a Playstation guy most of my life though and I don’t plan on switching anytime soon.