Sony Announces Prototype VR Headset For Playstation 4

The shift from 2D sprite based graphics to 3D polygon graphics was pretty huge leap in video games. Sadly, since that dimensional shift in the 90’s, we haven’t had anything as drastic. Obviously the start of the HD era with the Xbox 360 was significant, but not nearly as noticeable. There was a push by Sony for 3D TV and games, but that didn’t catch on. Now, the new technological fad seems to be Virtual Reality. The Oculus Rift has been in development for several years now, and it has impressed gamers and journalist at several trade shows. The Oculus works, and it works well, its only a matter of time before it is out on sale and in our homes. The only issue is what game studios will develop for the technology?


Project Morpheus

Hopefully more developers will be interested in VR now that Sony has announced its own Virtual Reality headset with the codename “Morpheus.” This headset has been in development as far back as 2010 and will work in tandem with the Playstation Camera, Move Controller and Dualshock 4. Sony hopes this device can usher in a new level of immersion for gamers. They hope to get the device into the hands of developers soon, and they are working to make the device function with other media besides games. Sony is partnering with NASA to provide a virtual walk on Mars through Morpheus.

Excitement was relatively low for the device as it has been rumored for months now. And as with any peripheral, its only as good as the games that use it. We’ll have to wait and see if Microsoft decides to enter the Virtual Reality space, and Nintendo might be hesitant after the success of the Virtual Boy back in in ’85.