Looking At The WavyBunch

I’ve known The WavyBunch for years now. An eclectic group of Haitians that go to church on Sunday’s and drink every other day. They’re all really cool guys. They have a secret handshake, they wear hats with wolves on them, they watch anime, and cut hair. I know some better than others. I’ve known Dooch since high school and I know he’s always been interested in music. I would hear him mention the studio here and there but never took it to seriously because… people talk sometimes. It wasn’t until last year that I finally started to see and hear the product coming out of all this #StudioTime. They’ve always been great at throwing parties (see: Sangria Saturday) and staying in front of most trends, but this was different. When I heard snippets of Dooch’s first legitimate song I was surprised. “This is pretty damn catchy!” Even after hearing that, though, I wasn’t convinced. Choosy changed everything. Zeze, also known as Z100, created one of the best songs of 2015 and became the Nelly to WB’s St. Lunatics. This entire group of lifelong friends committing to music and leveraging their relationships to make it viable. It’s sort of amazing when you think about it. The best producers in town are Haitian, two of the biggest blogs around are run by Haitians, easily the best graphic designers in the city are Haitian. Why not?


It’s awesome how these friends are all taking this risk together, fueling one another’s creativity and having fun while doing it. I wasn’t sure they could maintain the momentum but then I heard Right By My Side by JeanLou and liked it. Then I heard Friends by Z100 and loved it. Tin Man, a song produced byGenerus with ShelotPow, Z100 and JeanLou is easily one of my favorite songs of the year so far and proves that these guys may not have a creative ceiling.


It’s organized chaos right now and it’s working perfectly in their favor. Z100 was supposed to release Friends awhile ago but hasn’t yet. The aforementioned Tin Man isn’t getting nearly as much promotion as it should. Dooch’s Don’t Call Me video has been done for forever now, but they have their plan.

It’s fun to watch it all from this angle. Far away enough to be surprised, but close enough to see the early success. We’ll see what the group does next. Hopefully, they can keep it going… and throw a successful Sangria Saturday.

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