So, Girls Is Really Good This Season

Girls has been one of my favorite shows since I binged the first three season in my dorm at URI (when I should’ve been in class). The tales of Hannah, Marnie, Shoshonna, and Jessa have always been fun, quirky and serious all at the same time. This season so far has been fantastic. Jessa and Adam are so good together and I love whenever I see them on screen. Hannah is in a relationship with Fran, a nice guy…. who just isn’t Adam. Marnie has been married and divorced before the season has even ended and Shosh is struggling with her place in the world, literally and figuratively. Japan, the third episode of the season was one of the best in the series. In the last episode, Hello Kitty, Hannah sees Jessa and Adam for the first time and her reaction is some fo the best acting I’ve seen from her in five seasons. I’ve been very happy with this season so far and I look forward to seeing how things develop. There’s only one season after this and I’m interested to see where we leave these characters.

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