Should I Hate Thanksgiving ?

I wholeheartedly hate the origin of Thanksgiving. I hate that it is an annual reminder of a horrible genocide. I hate how it came about. I also hate that I love the day. Like most holidays, the original intent of the day has gotten lost in translation. When I think of Thanksgiving I don’t think of Europeans coming over and terrorizing Native Americans. I can’t even claim harmless ignorance because I know that it occurred. However, that is not what the day represents to me. When I think of Thanksgiving I think of think of family coming closer together.  I think of taking the day to reflect on everything I have to be thankful for. I think of visiting different friends houses and leaving with all different kinds of plates. Deep down I feel awful because I know that some people can’t feel the same about this day nor should they. I just don’t know if appreciating it for different reason is enough to make it okay.

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