Short Story: A Happy Ending Part lII (By: Anonymous)

Chapter 3A

2 years later…

Two years had passed and I graduated from high school boy. Kelsey ended up forgiving me, we even stayed friends I was happy about that, she was always a good friend to me. As for Sharon we didn’t talk at all, I didn’t even see her so it was easy for me to forget about her, plus I had a girlfriend her name was Ashley, so she had my attention. A lot of my friends didn’t like me with her at all, comments were always made about me being with her. See well, okay I’ll just come right out and say it, Ashley wasn’t pretty at all! Mouth full of braces, she just wasn’t much of a looker. I saw past that though she had a really great personality, at times I thought to myself maybe I’m just settling, maybe this isn’t who I should be with, or maybe this whole relationship thing just isn’t for me, but she was there whenever I needed her so it was cool I guess.

Now some time had passed and things weren’t going too good with me and Ashley, she developed this big ego, she began to think like she was God’s greatest gift to earth, she even told me I was lucky to have her. It took awhile but I finally realized I wasn’t happy anymore, well actually I can’t remember the last time I was actually happy with her. What was I doing with her? Then it finally hit me! I settled, man I settled, growing up I was told “don’t ever settle” and I did. One day Ashley changed her number she gave it to all her friends but me, I was confused who does that to their so called “boyfriend” the next day she gave it to me

“What’s your problem?!”
“I felt like you didn’t appreciate me so maybe now you will.”

So stupid. What ever lesson she wanted to teach me didn’t work, it was more weird than anything. Things stayed the same between me and Ashley, she got more snobby and kept accusing me of things that I would never do and for me I was miserable, until one day I saw Sharon in the store, we both locked eyes and my heart dropped. I wanted to walk away but instead I walked up to her.

“How you doing Sharon?”

She leans in and hugs me, it was the kind of hug she used to give me, she squeezed me so tight that I had to gasp for air. She lets me go and says
“I’m doing good, you?”
“Same here.”

Sharon never been the one for small talk so she got what she needed and told me that she would see me around. That night I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Why am I thinking about the girl that played me for a fool? Why is she running through my mind? All I knew was I wanted to see her again, I had to see her again. Some time went by, and me and Sharon were secretly seeing each other, we kept it on the low because she still had a boyfriend and I was still with Ashley. Things were different this time around had Sharon matured a lot. She had her head on straight, she had her sh*t together, I was happy for her. When Sharon and I hung out we always made sure not to cross that line, until one night we broke that one rule and lines were crossed. Early afternoon she made a surprise visit to my house, she knew I had hated surprise visits so I knew it had to be serious.

“What is it?”

“I’m not doing this anymore, I have a boyfriend and you have a girlfriend, so no more phone calls or text messages this can’t happen, okay?”

I stood and stared at her in shock and thought to myself what the hell is going on here? But there was nothing for me to do except agree with her. She walks away and I slam my door. Why am I mad? She’s right, what we were doing wasn’t okay. Later that day I pay a visit to Ashley’s house with roses in my hand, today was an important day for us and I really wanted it to go well, I tell her let’s go out for dinner and she says “I’m gonna hang with my mom tonight”. I didn’t even bother arguing with her. I just handed her the roses and leave. At this point I’m pretty annoyed, maybe this my karma, sometimes I think about what I did to kelsey, maybe I deserve this, is this what I get for doing a good girl wrong? Maybe. Sharon ends up calling me that same night and tells me to come over. The first thing I ask is “for what?” and she replies “I gotta talk to you”. Everything inside of me said just go home, don’t do it! But as you can already tell I don’t really listen to my voice of reasoning, so I go over. She’s smiling, I’ve always loved her smile, it always cheered me up, she takes my hand and sits me down, and says
“I’m sorry for everything.”
“Listen I’m over it, you really don’t have to do this.”
“Just listen! You didn’t deserve what I did to you. I led you on, I lied to you, I took advantage of you, and for that I’m sorry. I really did love you, and I still do love you, my feelings didn’t change. I broke up with my boyfriend and I’m not asking you to take me back right away just give me another chance when you’re ready.”

To be continued..

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