She Ain’t Eeem Know It (By: @TheKabirReport)


“Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain’t even know it.”


Rick Ross is an idiot for saying this, but I have to know… When did we start taking him seriously?

This ex-Corrections Officer was exposed a few years ago, but I guess we forgot that. He’s been making outrageous statement since he claimed to know the real Noreaga. I think its clear to everyone that this rapper is playing a character, a fictionalized version of drug deals he might’ve seen while guarding prisons, or around Miami.

In “Gunplay,” off  Deeper Than Rap he says “telling lies get niggas wives tied up, and raped.” Was Ross himself going to rape his enemy’s wife? Or was it going to be one of Ross’ associates? Was the girl who apparently “ain’t eem know it” Ross’ girlfriend? Or a random girl at the bar? If you’ve answered any of these questions at all then you’re wrong because his music doesn’t deserve any kind of analysis.

“… Bitch nigga let’s play chess, yo bitch next, no latex” – Ross

I have no issue with the women bothered by what Ross said, but I do have an issue with us only addressing him for one lyric out of a plethora that are offensive. Rick has threaten to kill hundreds of men, sell drugs to hundreds of people, and have sex with even more women, and the only time we complain is when he’s allegedly putting a molly in a woman’s drink. Now, I am not a woman, so rape, and date rape specifically, are things I don’t think about often. I know its a real issue that our community needs to discuss, and I’m willing to have that discussion, but Ross has said many things that warrant our protest.

If we were really serious we would be protesting against most rappers seeing as they promote death, destruction, and unhealthy lifestyle choices through their lyrics. Rick Ross just happens to be the largest. I think we should look at Reebok, a company that supported Ross until pressures to stop. They had no problem with Ross talking about selling drugs or killing people, as long as he wore their sneakers doing it. Even now that they’ve ended the endorsement deal they don’t care about women, they care about losing customers, and potential profit. Lastly, I ask, what will change from this? Rick Ross will continue to degrade women in his songs and videos, other rappers will do the same, and women will still feel inferior to men. Plus I’ve heard this song more after the verse was removed and he was dropped from his endorsement deal. This is a hollow victory, but a victory none the less …. You don’t eem know it.

(Kabir plays U.O.E.N.O)