September 11, 2001 (Video)

I Can’t Believe It’s Been 11 Years Already, I Legit Remember This Day Like It Was Yesterday, Where I Was, What I Was Doing, Who I Was With, Everything; And Every Time Reminisce About That Tragic Morning, I Always Say To Myself Say “This Really Happened”. I Was Only 10 Years Old At The Time So I’m Pretty Sure I Didn’t Understand The Magnitude Of It All But Every Time I Watch The Footage, It’s Still Unbelievable To Me. Is This The World We Live In? Where There’s Little To No Regard For The Human Life? Sh*t Doesn’t Make Sense To Me Nor Will It Ever. I Really Could Go On & On About This For Days But What Good Will Any Of That Do? So Anyways, Rest In Peace To All Of The Victims Who Died That Day & My Condolences To Their Family & Friends.

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