Sad Day 11/9/16

Today started like no other, I hit snooze on my alarm a few times. Once I was finally up, I brushed my teeth, took a shower, and then I proceeded to get dressed. In this process I noticed that I was picking out black clothing. From my bra to my socks I was in all black. I subconsciously was preparing for a funeral and will continue to for the next four years. My world is full of everything that America hates. My world is full of Blacks, Latinos, Immigrants, Muslims, and Women. I can imagine that I will be attending a lot more funerals than I have in the past.

Instead of celebrating that God has woken me up today to live on my passion, I woke up with a sense of burden. I woke up feeling like I should no longer stand on the shoulders of giants. I woke up feeling like my place is to crawl in the fields of cotton. We have not made any progress in this country. The way that white supremacy and oppression looks has shapeshifted, but it is the foundation of America. To keep poor people of color down while simultaneously building white males up. This reality needs to sink in. Many of us have expressed displeasure in living in America if the soon to be President of the “free world” is elected. This running joke is at our doorstep. What are we going to do? Will we pack our bags and leave or do we unite stronger than ever and fight? The decision is ours.

I do not know if I am going to be here tomorrow. What I can say is that as long as I am here today, I will not allow anyone to put fear in my heart. I have already lived out my worst nightmare in losing my mother. I do not grant permission for anyone to hold me captive off the strength of fear. I will dress in all black today and I will still try my best to keep my world together.

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