S4TPlaylist: Tory Lanez Edition (By: @SholaBoyTellEm)

Again And Again Tory Lanez Has Been Trying To Escape From The Long Shadow Of Drake And While He’s Doing A Pretty Impressive Job At It, The Comparisons Have Yet To End, Nor Will They Probably Ever. Seeing How They Both Rap And Sing, Both Come From Canada And Any Chance Tory Gets He Takes A “Competitive” Subliminal Jab At Drake, We Can’t Say One’s Name Without Mentioning The Other These Days. But As We All Know Tory Put Out His Debut Album “I Told You” A Couple Weeks Ago Only To Get Outshined By The Unicorn That Is Frank Ocean. Nonetheless He Put Out A Really Good Project And In Honor Of That A Compiled A 10 Track Playlist Of My Current Favorite Tory Songs To Date. Disclaimer: These Are NOT My Top 10 Tory Tracks, Just 10 Tracks I’m Rocking w/ Heavy Right Now. So With That Said, Enjoy.

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