Robert Healy passes


Former Rhode Island gubernatorial and Lieutenant Governor candidate, Robert Healy has passed away. According to the Providence Journal the 58-year-old Healy was found dead in his Barrington home, reports indicate that he was lying in his bed under his covers, he appears to have died in his sleep

Healy was known in the state of Rhode Island for his physical appearance, some have compared him to Jesus, John Lennon and Frank  Zappa, and the Cool Moose Party, a political party he found. Healy ran for governor 4 times and Lieutenant governor 3 times, in 2010 he earned 39% of the vote for the Lieutenant Governor seat even though he planned abolishing the seat if he won. In his lifetime he was able to earn 2 bachelors degree, 2 masters degree, a doctor of law degree and was working on a PhD from Colombia University.

His political career began when he was elected the chairman of the Warren School Committee in 1982. He later found the Cool Moose party, a political party founded on the foundations and ideology of  Theodore Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party. In 2014 he ran for the governor’s seat and was able to earn 21.1% of the vote “while spending $41 on his campaign”. Healy was also able to acquire significant wealth, his restaurant/liquor business and investments in Uruguay made him a millionaire.

Healy will be remembered for his eccentric demeanor and unconventional personality while campaigning.

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