Review: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

I must preface this by saying the original Anchorman is one of the most important films in my life. Nine years after it’s release the movie has become a cult classic, with beloved characters and quotes that have entered our pop culture consciousness. With Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Ron Burgundy and The Channel 4 News Team are just as ridiculous as ever and although not as inventive as the original this sequel holds up well. Obviously, if you are not a fan of Ferrell’s style of comedy you’re not going to enjoy this at all. Even as a huge fan of his there were moments in this film where I rolled my eyes. The dinner scene with Megan Good and her family was just bad. A few callback to the last movie also felt dull and unnecessary. Where the movie succeeds is when it try’s new and inventive jokes. The rivalry with Jack Lime (Lame?) is hilarious and so is Ron’s interactions with his son… Yes he has a son. Brian Fantana, Champ Kind & Brick Tamlan are all back, but with the exception of Brick, are all under utilized. Brick does have an interesting sub plot with his female counterpart played by Kristen Wiig.

The plot deals with Ron joining a new 24 Hour News channel and this movie provides hilarious commentary on the evolution of news programming. Seeing Ron’s legacy centered around the “destruction” of legitimate news and journalism is fun in itself, and seeing it play out is compelling. Maybe the biggest complaint is the length of the film. Clocking in at two hours this movie would be much better as a shorter experience. Besides that I can say I laughed a lot during this movie and I loved seeing these characters back on the big screen. There aren’t any laughs as big as the Jake Black scene from the original, but the laughs come consistently. Not as immediately quotable, but these movies usually take time and multiple views to really leave their mark. I’m happy to say Ron Burgundy pulled off a sequel with the help of a shark, denim condoms and cameos I won’t spoil here. Watch this movie if you haven’t already.