Review: Legends Of The Summer Tour (By: @Nxkkxta)


Recap: Jay-Z & Justin Timerlake’s Legends of the Summer Tour Kick Off

Toronto, ON – Rapper-mogul, Jay-Z, alongside R&B sensation, Justin Timberlake, officially kicked off their “Legends of the Summer” tour last night at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. The sold out arena filled with over 45,000 ecstatic, diehard fans including the Prince of Toronto, Drake and the OVO team.

As the lights began to dim and the music switched to the beat of “Holy Grail”, the entire crowd got on their feet to welcome the dynamic duo. The night consisted of a brilliant collaboration between each artist’s sets. Justin Timberlake went through a big chunk of his catalogue and performed older hits like “Rock Your Body,” “Senorita,” “Cry Me a River,” “Sexy Back,” “Like I Love You,” and my personal favourite, “Until the End of Time.” Hov followed in the same fashion and performed bangers like “I Just Wanna Love U,” “Izzo,” “On to the Next One,” “Jigga What, Jigga Who,” and what looks like Drake’s favourite (according to his instagram), “Big Pimpin.” Time and time again, JT shows us why he is a multitalented superstar. During the night, Timberlake acts as Jay’s hype man and sings other artists’ hooks. He shows us his other musical talents by playing instruments such as keyboards, acoustic guitar and electric guitar AND he shows of his Michael Jackson dance moves. The captivating pair went on to perform tracks from their new albums.

The legends of the summer, dressed in suits holding champagne, came together towards the end of the show to perform “Suit & Tie.” To end the night, Hov asked the crowd to take out their phones and lighters and put them up in the air. At this point, the band of 14 musicians began to play the tempo of “Forever Young” with Justin Timberlake singing the chorus. The titan-clashing team dedicated their last song to Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African American who was shot and killed in Florida.

Sadly, the concert left me feeling unsatisfied. When I say that out loud, I feel unappreciative. I mean, I was in the presence of greatness! Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake together?! Who wouldn’t want to see the “LEGENDS OF THE SUMMER?” Unfortunately, part of me wishes I didn’t attend the show. Why? Because now I have a bitter taste towards the artists. I was disappointed in the lack of effort Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z put into their show. No crazy lighting, no videos, no special effects, no guest appearances (*cough DRAKE cough*), no dancers, very basic choreography with JT and his backup singers and no crowd interaction. The pair are arguably two of the biggest superstars to-date yet there was no ‘wow’ factor to their show.

According to my calculations, the concert probably made over 7 million dollars. How did I get that number? It was a sold out show of over 45,000 people in attendance with ticket prices ranging from $53.85 to $297.60. Now, let’s say the average cost of a ticket was approximately $175.00, you times that by 45,000 and you get the figure $7,875,000. So, when I attend a concert with two “legends” who are bringing in that kind of money in one night, I expect to see something other than two artists singing and rapping on a stage 10 feet away from their audience. I mean, at least go give some of your diehard fans a handshake or a close up picture. OR (directed to Jay-Z) perform Crown, which was a produced by Toronto’s very own, WondaGurl, a 16-year-old female producer….

I guess Jay-Z is strictly a business, man.