Review: @HILHolla – Outside Providence (By: @SholaBoyTellEm)

To Somebody You The World, To Some One Else You In The Way, N*gga.” – Hil Holla

After Years And Years And Years Of Patiently Waiting, Outside Providence Is Finally Here. Easily One Of The Most Coveted Projects Since Dr. Dre Announced Detox A Decade Ago, At Long Last Hil Decided It Was Time To Stop Playing w/ Our Emotions And Show Us Why He’s Considered One Of The Frontrunners Of Rhode Island When He’s Only Put Out One EP And A Handful Of Records Over The Past Few Years. But The Pressure Of Living Up To Those Expectations Can Be Pretty Overwhelming, So The Only Question That Remains Is, Did He Live Up To The Hype Or Was This Just Another “Local Project” That We’ll Soon Forget About When Drake Drops Another Freestyle On OVO Radio?

Carry On Tradition. Hil Came Out The Gates Running w/ This One. Hands Down My Favorite Record On The Album, I Knew That I Was In For Something Special. The Polished Flow, His Cocky Demeanor, And Not To Be Forgotten, The Amazing Production By 72 Dolphins. For 2 Minutes And 42 Seconds, He Was Essentially Telling Us “You Know Why I’m Here”. But How Do You Follow Up Such A Dope Record Right Off The Back? Easy. Grab John Scino And Cam Bells, And The Rest Will Come Together. Rapper Of The Year. Easily One Of Scino’s Best Beats In My Opinion, The Trio Showed Out On This Track. While Hil Took The Jay-Z Approach And Freestyled His Entire Verse, Cam Effortlessly Flowed On The Sample And Gave Us A Quick Reminder That He’s Still Sitting On The Throne When It Comes To PVD Rappers.

“I’m Not A Rapper, Tell My Brothers We Gon’ Find A Way. Legend In Both Leagues Like I’m Dr. J.” – Cam Bells

Back Seat. Hil’s First Single Off “OP” That Dropped Almost A Year Ago Today. I’d Be Lying If I Said I Didn’t Skip This Track Whenever It Comes On, It Just Doesn’t Move Me Anymore. Maybe I Heard It Entirely Too Much Or Maybe It Didn’t Stand The Test Of Time, But Either Way If There Was One Suggestion I Could Make, It Would Be To Leave That As A Bonus Or Just The Promotional Single. Used To Know. The Fan Favorite, At Least According To Twitter. In A Era Of Situationships, It Only Makes Sense. It’s Super Relatable In Every Way For Both Sides (Male And Female) And What Seems To Be The Recurring Theme Here Is The Dope Production Hil Has Been Rapping Over Throughout The Entire Project. With Tracks Like Trust And 30 Miles To Insanity, It’s Hard For Me To Not Say This Project Was Not Only Great For Rhode Island Standards, But Rap Standards Altogether.

So To Answer The Question, Yes Hil Lived Up To The Hype, I Can See Why He Took His Time w/ This Project. Rather Than Rush Something Out And Not Have It Perfected To The Way You Want It To Be. I Can’t Wait To See What Else He Has In Store For Us, But Until Then I’m Gonna Be Blasting Outside Providence Like It’s “Views”. Just Hit Me w/ That Download Link, Hil.


Rating: 8.5/10


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