Recap: Game Of Thrones – Season 5 Ep. 3

I’ve enjoyed the last two episodes but it seems like the general consensus is that the show is starting to pick up the pace this week. The pieces are starting to move and power plays are being made. Arya is transitioning into becoming “no one” and I’m actually surprised we’re seeing her in what lies behind the Black & White door. I had this ridiculous theory that we wouldn’t see her again until she was no one. I was clearly wrong.

The events taking place in King’s Landing were the highlight this week as Cersei and Margery are turning this Medieval drama into Love & Hip-Hop. Their feud has hit an all-time high as Margery finally married and consummated with King Tommen. The two women are fighting for the heart and mind of young Tommen and Margery is clearly winning the battle. During one of the best scenes of the season Margery basically calls Cersei an old lady and a wino in the span of a few minutes. I literally laughed out loud when she basically said “I don’t drink this early so I don’t have any booze to offer your drunk ass.” Cersei is in a very compromised position in King’s Landing. With the death of Tywin, the Lannister names means nothing, and Cersei is no longer the queen. We see her trying to gain leverage with the High Sparrow to try and gain any power she can… I can’t blame her.

The rest of the episode is great as usual. Brienne has finally softened up to Pod and says she will train him. Little Finger is attempting to put Sansa in the best position possible to take back the North. Little Finger has a lot of things going on behind the scenes and this is obviously another power play that we’ll see the results of weeks from now.

Jon Snow has already had his leadership tested by Janos Slynt, and without much hesitation Jon decided to execute Janos himself. Living by the motto his father preached “The man who passed the sentence must swing the sword.” The developments at The Wall are interesting, but I still want to see Jon move further south and interact with some of the other characters.

….. also Tyrion has been kidnapped by Jorah Mormont….. All is well in the Seven Kingdoms