Recap: Game Of Thrones – Season 5 Ep. 2

Season 5 has kicked off to a great start, and episode 2 has continued the GoT goodness. One thing I was reminded while watching this episode is how many plots series showrunners David Benioff and Daniel Weiss are juggling. We have the politics being played in King’s Landing, The events taking place at The Wall, Tyrion and Varis on their way to the east, Arya in Braavos, Sansa with Little Finger and Brienne out in the Riverlands. This is a lot! I’ve forgotten character names, but I’m still invested. That is a testament to the writing and overall quality of the show.

On this episode we finally see Arya and she finds herself at a mysterious black & white wall. She is kept out of the building by an even more mysterious black man in a robe. He is later revealed to be Jaqen H’ghar, who has powers we still cannot explain as of yet. I’m interested to see if he will share his abilities and beliefs with Arya. We meet Brienne and Pordick in a Tavern where Sansa and Little Finger are also staying. Brienne confronts Sansa and bows before her declaring her loyalty to Sansa’s mother and therefore her. Sansa rejects her protection and loyalty, and and a fight ensues. We have the first great action sequences of the season with a horse chase and some sword action. Brienne slashes through a mans sword and armor at one point. Eventually Brienne and Podrick are left without Sansa or any idea where her and Little Finger and headed.

In the new shows setting, Dorne, we met Ellaria Sand in his wheelchair. Doran Martell, the wife of Oberyn, demands seek vengeance after his death. He refuses trying to maintain peace between his family and the Lannisters. Cersei has men out hunting Tyrion, but he is protected with Varis as they make their way to Dany. Jamie decides to make his way to Dorne to bring back his daughter for Cersei. He recruits Bron, who seems very bored with domestic life. At the wall, Stannis offers to make Jon Snow a “Stark” and Winterfell as his kingdom, but he plans to turn down the offer. Later he is declared Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Lastly, Dany is continuing to struggle with The Son Of Harpys and her overall role as leader. She has a former slave executed after he kills a assassin without a fair trail. The people, who were formally in love with Dany, are no longer happy with her after this act. The last scene we see with her is when she sees Drogon.

Clearly a lot happened this episode, but it was fantastic overall. It is a bit overwhelming, but it was paced very well. I think watching the aftermath of Dany’s rule has been insightful. We forget how complicated politics and leadership can be. The people will follow you, but can turn against you just as quickly. I think the way she’s made her decisions proves that having someone like Tyrion will help her become a proper queen. Arya is on pace to become a great warrior and hopefully avenge The Great Ned Stark down the line. There has obviously been more set up here in this episode, but again, the promise of many of these characters meeting in the near future is exciting.