Recap: Game Of Thrones – Season 5 Ep. 1

In the time that I’ve binged through the first four seasons of Game Of Thrones, I’m now deeply invested in the characters scattered across the seven realms. The show’s fifth season premiered recently and it wasn’t earth shattering by any means. This first episode can be described simply as “set-up”. We are reminded where the characters are in the world and how they’re doing. Tyrion has been in a box so long he’s grown a beard. Jon Snow is still at the Wall. Brienne is still on the countryside with company she doesn’t want. Arya is nowhere to be found. Sansa has become Little Finger arm candy and Cersei is sad that her father is dead. I can see why people may be underwhelmed with the episode because there isn’t any huge revelation or big action set piece.

What made me enjoy the episodes are the promise of whats to come. The idea that Tyrion and Daenerys will be in the same room at some point this season is exciting. The power plays that Stannis continues to make in the North are engaging. Easily the best part of the episode is the conversation between a drunk Tyrion & Varys. They are talking about the powerful and their mistreatment of the powerless, and the type of leadership the people really need. Varys says they need a leader with a good heart like Tommen, but the military of Stannis. Varys claims that the only way for the country to survive is for Daenerys to claim the iron throne.