Review: Destiny

Bungie knows how to make a fun first-person shooter. We’ve known this for years. Destiny is most certainly fun. The mechanics are incredible. From the tight controls, to the floaty jumping, it all works in concert for a fun shooting experience. I’ve played the game for about 20 hours and I’m still not tired of shooting aliens, dodging bullets and getting new loot. Each firefight is as fun as the last with the AI smart enough to keep things interesting. Enemies vary from planet to planet and each have their own strengths and weaknesses to be exploited. The music has that epic feel Bungie strives for with each of their games, and the sound design is spot on. The game’s lore is interesting, but never explained well in-game. The settings are cool, the guns are interesting, and the amor is great to look at.

This is where most of my praise ends as the game is lackluster in other areas. Every mission in the game is almost exactly the same. Fly to a planet, kill bad guys, deploy Ghost, kill more bad guys, kill big bad guy. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. It’s uninspiring in terms of variety. No platforming, no racing on Sparrows, nothing to break up the shooting besides menu navigation and more shooting. I would talk about the story in the game, but I don’t know what it is really. I know the I’m a Guardian resurrected by a Ghost tasked to save the world from The Darkness and The Fallen. There mention of a Queen, a Black Garden and a Tower, but after that I’m lost. Apparently, much of the story is explained in the Grimoire card you earn throughout the game, but you can only read them online or through Destiny’s companion app. Initially, Destiny’s hook was going to be this seamless MMO-FPS hybrid, but I’ve played it like any shooter with split single & multiplayer components. The only time I play with other people in single-player is during Strike missions when you need two teammates. You also don’t get loot worth caring about to often in the game. In Borderlands 2, a game I find similar to Destiny, I constantly got new inventive weapons to play around with that kept the game fresh and interesting. In Destiny I’ve found my bread & butter and there isn’t much keeping me from trying anything new. The RPG elements are not as deep as Fallout or Final Fantasy, but they are what keep me coming back. Watching my character get stronger and deadlier keeps me entertained.

I know it seems like I have more complaints than compliments, but I’m level 20 in the game. I’m clearly enjoying myself here. As I stated before, the shooting is top notch and the character progression is interesting enough to keep me going. After level 20 you must begin to find “Light” armor to move beyond the level 20 “cap.” I will continue to play to see if the Raids saved for level 25 are worth my time and to see what other cool armor I can pick up in the game. If you’re not into constantly shooting thing with little reward, than Destiny may not be fore you. If you love a great feeling, well controlled first-person shooters, than you’ll be right at home here.

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