Review: Cam Bells – Providence COLD #PVDCold (By: @SholaBoyTellEm)


“But.. How You Expecting To Be Righteous In The World If You Ain’t Willing To Die To Live The Life That You Deserve?” – Cam Bells

FINALLY. If I Only Had One Word To Describe The Providence COLD (EP) That Would Be It. As We All Know Cam’s Been Doing This Rap Thing For Awhile Now. From Keep It Real, The G-Block Money Series, All The Way To TheBlvckTape, But For The First Time Ever He Decided To Take Things To The Next Level And Create A Full-Fledged Project From Scratch, Which Is An Amazing Feat Within Itself. But The Only Question That’s Left Lingering Is; Was It Worth The Wait?

I’ve Been Sitting w/ The Project For A Few Days Now And Although I Am A Little Disappointed About How Short The Tape Is, I Was Still Thoroughly Impressed w/ The Level Of Quality That He Was Able To Deliver In Such A Small Amount Of Time. With Production From RI’s Top Hittas Such As; Jeff Gore, Mike Slick Of The Ivy League And John Scino Of HeartStoppas, Cam Was Able To Capture A Very Vivid Story Of The Average Young Black Providence Male. Even If You Can’t Personally Relate To Any Of The Records, You At Least Know One Person That Can, Which Makes It That Much More Relevant.

CamFrom Songs Like; “In The City” That Depicts The Crime And Violence That We Are Surrounded By Daily, To Bangers Like “Ghost Of Escobar Season” Where Both Hil And Cam Display Their Lyrical Ability Going Back And Forth Over Jeff Gore Drums, Or The Soulful “Must Be Crazy” Record (My Personal Favorite), There’s Nothing But High End Music Being Exhibited For 20 Minutes. So It All Leads Back To My Initial Question; Was It Really Worth The Wait? Is Quality Over Quantity Always A Good Thing? Or Does There Need To Be Some Sense Of Balance? Well If You Ask Me, It Was Worth The Wait Because He Delivered, But At The Same Time I Feel Like A Couple More Records Really Would’ve Put “Providence COLD” Over The Top. But Then Again, What Do I Know?

So Once Again, Yet Another Great Cam Project In The Books. I’m Just Gonna Leave On One Note Though, I Still Need That “Sitting On The Creep” Track In My iTunes Library. So Cam/Zu Make That Happen.

Rating: 8.5/10

Purchase: Cam Bells – Providence: City Of Lost Dreams via iTunes | Listen Here

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