Review: Cam Bells – Providence: City Of Lost Dreams

Providence, “The protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power”. But I’m not too sure many would refer to the Rhode Island state capital as that. In fact some might consider it to be the exact opposite. This year alone there’s been 13 homicides mostly stemming from the summer, along with 523 drug charges, over 1700 assault cases, and 169 weapon offenses. Cam Bells highlights that in 5 minutes with his latest visual Providence: City Of Lost Dreams from his Providence COLD project directed by Cam himself and shot by John Greene. The video is pleasing aesthetically both visually and technically with clean cuts of some of the staples in the city from the Providence River to Crown Fried Chicken. There is also an old school feel to the video which I’m sure is no mistake as Cam commonly references “a young king with and old soul”. As the executive producer, Cam recruits Providence basketball star Lamonte Thomas to deliver a powerful visual of an all too familiar story. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Lamonte ends up the victim of a fatal bullet that had no intention for him. A good selection of the cast for the visual allowed the message hit a little closer to home. The video ends by paying homage to the late Marvin Barnes, a Rhode Island legend in his own right.

Purchase: EP: Cam Bells – Providence COLD #PVD Cold via iTunes

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