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RECAP: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

A lot has been going on in Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and this is only the first season. We met two actual couples (Apryl & Omarion, Fizz & Amanda), two other couples who never got a chance to make it official (Tearra Mari & Ray J, Hazel E & Young Berg), and two other couples struggling with infidelity issues (Soulja Boy & Nia Riley, Mally Mal & Nikki). It wouldn’t be Love and Hip Hop if we didn’t meet a crazy mom in Ms. Leslie, a ‘side chick’ with Masika, and an assistant/manager in Morgan. There’s a twist in Hollywood though as Moniece is a crazy single mother, who is actually unfit and was forced to give custody of her child back to the father. As the season goes on we learn that Omarion and Apryl are having their first child together and Mama Leslie isn’t too happy about it. She’s scared she’ll really lose Omarion now that he’s going to have his own family. As the show goes on, we can tell by Moniece’s actions that she might still be in love with Fizz. Speaking of still in love, this is where the Tearra Mari and Ray J. relationship come into play. Tearra Mari claims her and Ray have been on & off for about 9 years and she can’t let him go. This doesn’t make any sense because we’ve seen Ray date numerous women in that span, including Kim Kardashian. Tearra’s roommate, Hazel E, has been in the same situation with Young Berg. But problems come about with Tearra and Hazel when Hazel compares her situation with Berg to Tearra and Ray’s. Tearra claims it was an real relationship and Hazel’s wasn’t but this isn’t what Ray J is saying. We then meet Morgan, Ray J’s assistant, who is fed up with Ray J. She starts getting involve in his personal business and things get messy. She ends up getting in everyone’s business including Mally Mal, Nikki and Masika’s. Mally Mal is a wealthy producer who’s been dating Nikki for about a year. They break up for about a month and Mally Mal starts dating a video vixen called Masika. In the beginning of the show Mally Mal shows Masika a lot of love, flying her from LA to Vegas constantly, and even buying a house in LA to supposedly get closer to her. Nikki finds out and confronts Mally Mal. He denies the entire situation and of course the girls believe him. Nia Riley and Soulja Boy are the last couple we learn about, but there story is a little boring. Nia claims her and Soulja Boy have been on and off for about seven years. This is another relationship that doesn’t add up because Soulja Boy has been dating the rapper Diamond for the last four years. Diamond’s show just aired on Oxygen this summer and Soulja Boy was on it, but as Kermit would say it’s none of my business. We learn that Nia had a baby with another man while on a break with Soulja Boy but he’s willing to take care of her child and work on their relationship. Nia does not really trust Soulja Boy because he’s constantly cheating and this is where the problems start.

Fast Forward to last night’s episode, it’s starts with Nikki and Tearra at Masika’s billboard opening. Nikki finds out that Masika, her arch enemy, is now on a billboard her parents own and is not happy about it. While confronting Masika infront of Tearra, everyone’s enemy Hazel E, comes to laugh at Masika, but ends up making a fool out of herself. Hazel E has been delusional this season regarding Young Berg. Berg gave her all the signs and actually told her they would never be together, but she doesn’t get it. The episode before Moniece and Amanda got into a physical altercation and Fizz is not happy about that. Moniece and Fizz met up this episode to discuss what went down but of course these two ended up arguing. What I don’t understand is why Fizz can’t let Amanda go. I would rather him be with Moniece, than Amanda, who cheats on him. Yes, Moniece has not been a great mother to their son Cam, but she’s now trying but he just doesn’t see it. I think Moniece and Fizz are still in love and Fizz is just scared. Ray J, who was supposedly locked up in the previous episode, ends up finding a good lawyer, who helps him get out of trouble. He meets with his dad, who encourages him to get help and talk to Tearra, because this could be his Karma for doing her wrong. Nia and Soulja Boy went shopping and we learn that he’s going on tour. Obviously, Nia isn’t too happy because every time he goes on tour, they end up taking a break because of Soulja’s boy’s infidelity. Nia then asked about them moving in together since that was the initial plans and of course Soulja Boy starts giving excuses and things go left. I personally don’t like them as a couple. It just doesn’t make sense right now. Soulja Boy is only 24 years old and he loves the single life. He’s about the “turn-up”, smoking and his homeboys. Nia is way older than Soulja boy, she’s already mature and has a one year old with another man. Soulja Boy clearly wants to do the right thing but its hard when two partners have two completely different lifestyles. I think it’s never going to work, but I’m a little biased because I loved Soulja Boy and Diamond together. Last Night we got to see the birth of Mega, Omarion and Apryl’s little boy. Mama Leslie and Apryl finally made up, just in time for the birth of the baby. Apryl and Omarion decided to have a water birth inside of their home. I gained a lot of respect for Omarion in this episode because of how much support he showed his woman. Before this show I thought Omarion was a party boy but he has shown us a totally different side to him. Yes there are times where he doesn’t do what he should but he is dealing with his mother and his child’s mother. Things can get a little crazy when he decides to pick sides. At the end of the episode Apryl gives birth successfully and we meet little Omarion. Totally looking forward to next Monday’s episode. Things are really about to turn up on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, so tune in next Monday to VH1 at 8pm.

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